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We have been engaged in the manufacturing of products for many years, accordingly we have acquired the habit of considering “products to be developed” based on markets. We become market research “sensors,” watching customer needs. What we notice and our inspirations are promptly discussed at meetings daily and eventually reflected in product plans. Furthermore, we are pouring much energy into the development of communication medium with our customers. As a result of the progress of the IT revolution, distribution is being exposed to the storm of drastic changes. It has become a matter of course for users to obtain information through the Internet. We have properly accepted the implications of such changes. By arming the conventional marketing activities with IT, it intends to promote formation of an information and activation of communications, thereby expanding its business strategically. Meanwhile, we are close to your markets not only in Japan but overseas as well. These networks promptly deal with trends in their respective areas. As seen by the above, we will stage bold, attentive and speedy marketing activities to just meet the market trends of the new era. Q&Q is, Quality (high quality ones) & Quantity (to more people) under this store range of environmentally friendly products.

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